Caring, Personalized Therapy

Awaken Listening™ is a combination of traditional therapies such as speech, physical and occupational therapies and alternate therapies such as Tomatis® Method, Neurofeedback, Cognitive Training, and Cellfield Interventions. ITS will evaluate your child and determine the best combination of traditional and alternate therapies to help your child achieve his or her potential. ITS strives to find the optimal combination of traditional and non-traditional therapies to best address each individual’s needs.

We also offer any of the above therapies separately to offer individualized programs to fit every need and every budget.

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Our clients include Special Needs Individuals of all ages, diagnoses as well as students, singers and musicians, teachers, public speakers, actors and lawyers, senior citizens, artists, writers, composers, pregnant women, business executives and other professional, dancers and athletes of all ages, who wish to improve or enhance their performance.

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