Early Intervention Therapy


Sometimes one therapy isn’t enough. That’s why we developed a program that combines multiple, to further assist your child where they need it the most.


EARLY INTERVENTION assesses adaptive behavior, cognitive, communication, physical and social-emotional development for the birth to 5 year-old population. Therapy is geared towards goals of age-appropriate skills and functioning. Therapy includes providing the parents with training, giving them the tools necessary to help their child with these basic skills in the home, which are also necessary for future timely development.

A Complete Program

This program includes occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy where necessary, affording the clients an integrated comprehensive intervention addressing all the needs a client might have.

Our clients receive a complete and thorough assessment from each therapist, after which the therapists write a combined report stating their findings and proposed treatment plan. The therapists will request a consultation time be set up with the parents to go over the report and answer any questions parents may have.