ITS Auditory Processing Therapy


Not only are pills expensive, they are also invasive. That’s why we decided to just skip them and use a method that is completely non-invasive.


Around 70% of children diagnosed with a “Learning Disability” have some degree of an auditory processing problem. Around 50% of individuals we see who are suspected to have ADD have an auditory processing problem. It takes time and expertise to determine the exact nature of an individuals problem.

Auditory Processing Impairment Assessment

At ITS Integrated Therapy Solutions™, we offer a comprehensive assessment to determine exactly what kind of auditory challenge is present and recommend an appropriate program for awakening listening to assist with auditory processing and sequencing.

We begin with a consultation including:

  • Personal medical and developmental history
  • School and social performance
  • Family history
  • Listening test
  • Standardized testing

ITS Auditory Processing Therapy

Our programs consist of non-invasive methods, including:

Using the appropriate combination of sound and traditional therapies so that our young clients can:

  • Analyze and decode sound
  • Process and sequence sounds for language
  • Read more fluently and remember what was read
  • Be less distractable
  • Be less sensitive to sounds
  • Follow directions