Occupational Therapy



It’s completely understandable to worry about your child’s development. We want you to know that we can evaluate and help your child through any difficulties they may face.


Our Supervising Occupational Therapist specializes in Pediatrics with an emphasis on Sensory Integration. Pediatric Occupational Therapy uses a child’s occupations, such as play, school activities and activities of daily living, to help them meet their developmental milestones.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Benefits

Occupational therapists break down the components of “play” into their more fundamental aspects of social interaction, with peers and/or adults, motor movements (gross and fine), and cognitive abilities. They work on aspects of school such as handwriting, attention and focus, and peer interaction. Activities of daily living include feeding, hygiene, dressing, and play and leisure activities such as sports.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assessment & Therapy

  • Feeding Evaluations from a sensory perspective as well as Treatment
  • Sensory Integration Evaluations and Treatment
  • Evaluation of handwriting difficulties and Treatment

Our clients receive a complete and thorough assessment, after which the therapist writes a report stating the findings and proposes a treatment plan. The therapist will request a consultation time be set up with the parents to go over the report and answer any questions parents may have.