Awaken Listening Research Foundation

Awaken Listening Research Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to research alternative therapy approaches in individuals of all ages and provide funding for alternate therapies to individuals with developmental delays.

The specific purpose is to provide grants to families with family members who are struggling with developmental delays and/or other learning challenges so they can access life-changing alternative services and therapies they otherwise could not afford.

The research will be aimed at identifying therapies that make a difference in lives of individuals with disabilities in order for these individuals to achieve functionality in life. Individuals who do not have access to other funding for these alternate therapies will continue to be funded through grants to varying therapy offices who offer these alternate therapies if the individual qualifies.

Awaken Listening Research Foundation helps families overcome financial roadblocks so that their children can obtain the support they need. The increase of children with developmental delays including Autism Spectrum Disorders increases every year exponentially and these families are not offered choice. Awaken Listening Research Foundation gives parents and families as well as individuals the choice of choosing which therapy will best fit their needs.