My son has recieved services from ITS for several courses of treatment. He has also recieved Auditory Training from other vendors in the past. By far, ITS is the best Auditory Training provider we have encountered. The staff is extremely knowledgable and committed. The intervention is coupled by OT exercises, which increase the treatment’s benefit, while also engaging the child in productive, social activity. The facilities are top notch, pleasant and conveniently located. My son definitely benefited from the intervention as offered by this high quality provider.
– J. G.

Our son avoided speaking on the telephone for over a year, and refused to attend a movie because he could not tolerate the loud sound. His sound sensitivity, speech delay, anxiety and difficulty with peer social interaction led us to the Awaken Listening program at ITS. In a short time our boy was speaking with his grandpa on the telephone, and was responding to questions with more than a single word. As he neared the end of the program his teacher reported that our child’s interactive skills have improved and that he seemed more relaxed in class. His awareness of others has increased, and he is starting to initiate more interaction with other children. A few weeks after he completed his program at ITS, he attended a movie and enjoyed himself immensely. Our son now has much better eye contact as well. The Awaken Listening program has given our son important tools to enjoy life – at home, at school and on the playground!
– LR

We discovered auditory training when G. was 5 years old. Having apraxia our Doctor felt this therapy would be beneficial as well as pre-cursor to the Fast ForWord program. G. had a difficult time adjusting to the headphones at first. His S.I. issues were to blame. But by the second visit he was tolerating them well. We were on the road! We noticed an initial calmness, a centered-ness by the middle of the 1st 15 days. G. was processing information more quickly and effectively. His teachers were impressed at how G. was staying on tasks for longer with fewer prompts. They thought he was on a new (better) medication! G. has been using this therapy over the past 7 years. We believe that it serves as a “Central Nervous System tune up.” He really enjoys it and his APD is greatly helped.
– G.’s mother

My son Ryan was already 8 with little language when I first started Tomatis with him.
I had been told he would never speak and it was clearly time to teach him an alternative. What his Sp&L Therapist was finding out though was that it was impossible to teach him an alternative. He was quite determined to learn to vocalize! I was finally told to try this thing called Tomatis. It sounded like a lot of nonsense to me. Still, after 3 years of reading about it, researching the different methods of auditory stimulations programs and wondering just exactly how it could ever work, I tried it because the mother of a little boy in Ryan’s class told me “Don’t ask what it is or how it works just do it and you will see your child bloom in all kinds of ways.” I had seen her child change and finally decided it was time I tried it too.
Some times the therapy is very hard on the individual, and for Ryan it was extremely hard, but I now understand that it is because it was working and actually extremely rapidly in Ryan’s case, building those neuro-pathways. Awaken Listening provided Ryan with the building blocks he lacked but needed in order to assimilate and gain the knowledge being provided him in OT, Sp&L, Educational Therapy, Social Skills Groups and of course in school.
Life as we had known it up to this point stopped! Ryan was not sleeping at all and everything was terrible, the behaviours had returned, he did not want to go to school at all and he just wanted mum (me) all the time. But, 2 weeks after completion of the first 15 days, I had a son that was potty trained, had used his first words, had less stims and was eating a greater variety of food and the old behaviours that had returned vanished once more.” I am so happy that we finally tried it and I thank the staff of ITS for continuing to take such good care of my son whenever I go in for boosters.
Needless to say Ryan doesn’t stop talking and often we have to beg him to keep quiet.
Ryan has also started reading and writing and even doing some math. For a very low functioning autistic child diagnosed as also being retarded, this is clearly a miracle.
– Ryan’s mother