OLD-Pediatric Physical Therapy


Imagine your child being able to reach a new height in their physical abilities. All while using proven, fun and inexpensive methods.


Pediatric Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Our Physical Therapist specializes in pediatrics. Pediatric physical therapy (in the 0-3 population) uses play activities to help children with developmental delays in gross motor/movement. This training is instrumental in helping children with neuromuscular disorders, cerebral palsy, orthopedic problems, torticollis, gait and postural abnormalities, delays due to genetic abnormalities, and other diagnoses. Through the use of play, strengthening, positioning, postural correction, and other techniques, children are given every opportunity to reach the highest functioning level possible.

For school-age children, physical therapy continues to help not only for orthopedic problems, but for difficulty in accessing the school. Through stretching, NDT, postural correction, active strengthening, and other techniques children are able to reach their goals, often without the need for expensive, passive, assistive devices.

Pediatric Physical Therapy & Ailment Assessment

Our clients receive a complete and thorough assessment, after which the therapist writes a report stating the findings and proposes a treatment plan. The therapist will request a consultation time be set up with the parents to go over the report and answer any questions parents may have.