Learning Disability Programs


We want to make sure your child gets the help they deserve.


What are Learning Disabilities?

We are seeing increasingly more children with various forms of learning challenges. About 70% of those diagnosed with a ‘learning differences’ have an auditory processing problem. In our experience with various programs we have come to realize that most interventions do not address the auditory problems, but yet many of the available interventions rely upon the auditory system for information input. These children have a hard time performing well in a typical school environment.

Learning Disability Assessment

At ITS Integrated Therapy Solutions™, we offer a comprehensive assessment to determine exactly what kind of learning challenge is present and recommend an appropriate program for awakening listening awareness to assist with auditory processing and sequencing.

We begin with a consultation including:

  • Personal medical and developmental history
  • School and social performance
  • Family history
  • Standardized Testing

Learning Disability Treatment

Through the careful integration of personalized programs including Sound Therapies, Cellfield Interventions and Cognitive Training, Awaken Listening™, has been used successfully by our clients for:

  • Analyze and decode sound
  • Read more fluently and remember what was read
  • Become more aware of his/herself and others
  • Focus and attend at will
  • Follow directions